Writing Prompt: Name Game

A creativity exercise to help you warm up, and to remove your fear of the blank page. Train your brain to make connections between the names.     Tip: click on the picture to zoom

Go Ahead. Be Yourself!

Imagine a contest in which the best pastry chef’s in the world compete for three insane days building chocolate and sugar sculptures and baking perfect pastries.  It sounds like a Food TV reality show, right?  Actually, it’s not. It’s the prestigious Meilleurs Ouvriers de France competition (Best Craftsmen in France) and it’s the dream of almost […]

Writing Prompt: Offstage Character

What can indirect evidence of a person’s existence such as tweets, a Facebook page, or texts tell us about a character?  What conclusions can we draw when describing that character?  Is our social media presence a true representation of who we are? How can that complicate how you reveal the character?   Tip: Click on […]

Writing Prompt: Synesthesia

Mixing senses to add flavour to a character. This exercise asks you to step out of the normal way that you experience the world in order to spur creativity.     Tip: click on the picture to zoom.

Adversity & Creativity

I recently read an article referencing a study by Psychologist Marie Forgeard of the University of Pennsylvania that tackled the question of why adversity and ingenuity seem to go hand in hand. It’s clear that many authors and highly creative people have overcome adversity in their lives.  To give you a flavour of what I mean: […]

Finding Inspiration

I watched the movie Baraka this week and it left me thinking about the nature of inspiration.  Both the inspiration that leads to the making of this style of documentary, and the inspiration that it can give to those who watch it.  Baraka was filmed in multiple locations around the world and it gave me […]

Writing Prompt: Lists

Get your writing flowing using a freewriting list.   Tip: click on the picture to zoom