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Manuscript Evaluation

Do you have a short story that is driving you mad?  Have you thrown it in a drawer in frustration only to pull it out months later and try again?

Don’t give up!  I can help you.

I am a wrangler of manuscripts.  Together we will wrestle your manuscript into being the best it can be.  When I work on your manuscript, you will get feedback that covers :

  • Structural issues
  • Tense
  • Characters
  • Scenes
  • Descriptions
  • Dialogue
  • Plus a plethora of other issues that I may or may not find

I will help you kick your manuscript’s butt (in a good way).  I will push you to let your writing shine.

What are you waiting for?  Let’s do this!

I charge by the hour to keep it affordable for new writers.  I can typically work through 3000 words of a manuscript in an hour.

Here is what I don’t do:

  • I’m not a line editor.  I will fix glaring spelling and grammatical errors that I find, but that’s not the service I provide. If that is what you are looking for, I’m happy to recommend someone.
  • I don’t re-write the story for you (sorry…that’s your job).
  • I don’t steal your ideas. I have far too many of my own to have time to write yours.
  • I don’t criticize. I critique.  There is a difference.  PS: That means you don’t need to be nervous.

Are you ready to finish that manuscript?

I offer two options:

  • Basic: $60 for one hour of manuscript wrangling  (max. 3000 words) which includes one email to ask me any questions about my evaluation of your manuscript
  • Premium: $75 for the basic package PLUS up to two weeks of unlimited emails to answer questions you have about my evaluation and to brainstorm solutions to issues you’ve had with your manuscript together.

You can contact me at to set up your manuscript evaluation or to receive a quote on a longer project.  I am currently booking my calendar six weeks out.

One-On-One Coaching

Are you still struggling to fit your creative pursuits into your life?  Do you have ideas you want to pursue but you haven’t found the time to fit writing (or another creative pursuit) into your life?  Do you feel utterly out of balance, frustrated, tired, and unfulfilled? Are you actively working on a creative pursuit but find yourself blocked and having difficulty moving forward?

I can help you!

After years as an executive coach in the business world, I have found that the same habits developed by leaders in the business world are habits that can help creatives find success as well.  Coaching sessions with me would be focused on helping you in any or all of the following areas:

  • Get clear on what you want to achieve
  • Understand the gap between where you are and where you want to be
  • Find a time management system that works for you
  • Get clear on what life balance looks like for you (it is different for everyone)
  • Set time specific goals to help you get what you want
  • Exercises to help you move forward
  • Develop a plan with practical and achievable next steps

Would you like to start waking up in the morning inspired and excited again?
Don’t just survive. Thrive!

Coaching Package: $120 includes an advance email to determine your goals, one hour live coaching via Skype and a follow up email with a recap of the key points from our session including next steps.

You can contact me at to set up your creativity coaching session.

Wishing you inspiration!

xo Pam



“Working with Pam was an amazing experience. Her careful edits and attention to detail helped me see things in my manuscript that I hadn’t seen on my own. She also has a knack for encouraging confidence. It’s obvious that she loves the art of writing and is dedicated to bringing out creativity in others.”

Rochelle Squires