There is no wrong or right. Just write!

“Pam has a deft and gently encouraging touch with feedback and revision. (She’s the Goldilocks of writing coaches: Neither too little nor too much!) She also reads deeply and widely and thus has a substantial list of resources available to spark her students’ imagination and resolve at critical junctures in the writing process.”

Jean Shaw

Writing Prompt: Name Game

A creativity exercise to help you warm up, and to remove your fear of the blank page. Train your brain to make connections between the names.     Tip: click on the picture to zoom

Go Ahead. Be Yourself!

Imagine a contest in which the best pastry chef’s in the world compete for three insane days building chocolate and sugar sculptures and baking perfect pastries. ¬†It sounds like a Food TV reality show, right? ¬†Actually, it’s not. It’s the¬†prestigious Meilleurs Ouvriers de France competition (Best Craftsmen in France) and it’s the dream of almost […]

Writing Prompt: Battle Of The Sexes

How men and women argue differently and what that can do for subtext in your dialogue.     Tip: click on the picture to zoom